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I love baking, I always enjoyed making cakes and bread but recently I have moved into the love baking category.

I have lots of willing mouths to eat the sweet treats I create which makes it worthwhile and possibly the reason I love it so much – I am showing them how much I care for them with what I make.

I have only ever made up a few recipes ‘coconut cookies’ probably being the most popular and have adapted a basic flapjack into a family favourite.

I like cooking meals too but I don’t always get five happy faces with dinner – somebody invariably doesn’t like something on the plate and that is very deflating.

I still have lots of things on my wish list to bake such as almond cookies and lime cake (might have to make this one up).

Also on my wishlist of baking knowledge is decorating, I have done simple buttercream swirled on the top and iced biscuits but would really love to create something beautiful with lots of detail (may need to go on a course for this one).



We bought a van today, after months of talking about it, a load of research and number crunching by Mr t, we finally bit the bullet and went for it.

This will mean a lot for our family we won’t need to have shopping on our laps anymore, camping will be so easy, taking our bikes out and just generally not trying to make a bus out of a car!

We are going back to Ford as we felt they offered us more for the money, we have owned Fords before so feels familiar too.

I have never driven a van before so this will be a whole new experience for me and although I am apprehensive about driving it I know that I will be fine once I get going.

Roll on the nice weather – day trips and holidays will now be a pleasure.


I can hardly believe it but two weeks today my little family of six are off on our holidays, we are going to Fuerteventura. I have never been to the Canary Islands in fact this will be the furthest south I have ever been.

I am yet to pack, which will be interesting as we only have hand luggage but we do have the use of a washing machine so we can be a bit more minimalist in what we take.

I have no expectations from this holiday which I think is a good place to start with anything you do with four children, I would just like to see this trip as pressing the refresh button.

We have hired a car and I can’t wait to explore the island a little bit, the North of the island where we are going is apparently beautiful and if the temperature is around 20°c I will be very comfortable and happy with that.

Not looking forward to the flights but then I never do, also my oldest daughter got sick on our last flight but not sure if that was the travel or the sweets that they had conned me out of with ‘uw mummy my ears hurt – can I have another sweet!’

Our next adventure will be Ireland in May – this little family of now four little t’s are really starting to explore their world.

Health and fitness

I started my weight loss/fitness journey last August after a health scare. I was well in the upper limit of obese on the bmi chart and wasn’t happy about it, wasn’t comfortable and felt physically and mentally low.

I decided to start calorie counting with the app that came with my phone – I knew that the last time I had done this it hadn’t worked, I would make sure I had all of my calories for that day instead of trying to always be in a deficit. This time I made sure I was in a deficit everyday and getting back into running and exercise as an extra bonus.

I initially lost 10kg and still wanted to lose another 4kg – and have found these last 4 the hardest – lots of cake set backs and Christmas! My biggest fight has definitely been in the kitchen, going to the gym and running/walking I enjoy and don’t struggle with.

My husband bought me a fitbit for Christmas so now every move I make is counted, every heartbeat is logged – I still calorie count and I am within touching distance of the second goal I made for myself – normal bmi! the first goal was to lose the initial 10kg, so nearly ready to set my next/3rd goal which is to be right in the middle of my bmi- not sure I have been there since I was a teenager.

Losing this weight and giving myself my health and fitness back has been a real confidence booster, I feel I can try things and learn from mistakes instead of shying away from making them.


Last day today! Has actually made January a much more interesting and exciting month and gave me a free pass to try new things, add more vegetables into our diet and bake.

We decided to give Veganuary a go last year but we were already well past January when we decided and we had a 6 month old so didn’t fancy trying to squeeze learning about veganism into my life as well.

I did very limited research into the morals of veganism but what I did learn spurred me on to give it my best shot. My only reservation was for my babies health so she continued to eat milk, butter and cheese (mostly what we had left) but was fully vegetarian for the whole month.

I am not sure any of us are ready for the full plunge into going vegan but I will certainly incorporate some of the things into my daily life and we have discussed doing one day a week full vegan (it’s a start) and will certainly buy less meat (we were already very infrequent meat eaters).

The things we want to keep … vanilla soya milk for in my coffee tastes like a real treat, my coconut flapjacks have become a favourite, I am very happy with the cheese spread I think it’s nicer than other soft cheeses and dark chocolate – yummy if you let it melt in your mouth.

I had started to eat healthier in August last year and will write about my fitness journey another time but pilling the veggies on my plate, seeing colour and texture was so nice and will be continuing.

Here’s a pic of todays lunch which was just a little over 300 calories.

And my girls lunches look much more interesting than what they usually go for.

And baking, I had lots of fun with, probably my most successful and memorable will be the chocolate cake! I have been requested to make one for my twins birthday.

Veganuary has been a huge success in 3 little T’s house and would approach next January and any other days we do vegan with lots of confidence knowing we will eat really well.


I have recently (yesterday) picked up some knitting needles (to be precise round pins), I do love knitting but time isn’t always on my side. I would like to make myself a skirt – not sure how this is going to work out as have no pattern to work from, rather a picture in my mind but I went with it, measured myself and converted that to stitches and I am getting on with it.

I taught my oldest daughter to knit when she was 5 (now 8) and she is always so funny with it, she picks it up really enthusiastically for about 2 days and then you don’t see it for 6 months.

When my twins were 5, I asked my mum and sister to help teach them to knit – going to have to wait a bit longer, they were really keen but too many other great things to do – maybe this year.

I like knitting unusual things like a carrier bag bag – recycled the plastic into yarn and knitted that up and a huge blanket/rug made on really big needles with 25 balls of wall – that was a team effort and loved the way it worked out.

I do love crochet too, so easy and transportable and I have got a project on the go I will write about another time.

Blog Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself to write a little blog post every day. I remembered that I had set up an account years ago and found it – so here I am.

The title of my old blog account made me giggle, three little t’s, my three little girls Ayla, Lyra and Eden and the t refers to our surname but little did I know back then that I would have a serendipidous 4th little t – Skye.

I decided to pick up this blogging challenge because a few people had thrown in to conversations that blogging was something I should do, my response was always – don’t know how to write, was never taught grammar, would like to, I had thought about it etc etc. It was never I haven’t got anything to write about which got me thinking maybe I should give it a go.

It’s true I don’t know how to write, which bit to put where, in what order and it’s true about the grammer, I think I’ve got the basics but hopefully you get the gist of what I want to say.

Then what am I going to write about – stuff I/we get up to – this month has been all about Veganuary, fitness, baking and vans. Next month we will be going on holiday and my twin girls Ly and Ede (as I call them) are turning 6 ‘birthday party time’ oh yeah plus decorating my bedroom at last!